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Devoted mother, daughter, sister, niece, Tauncey (Auntie) and friend. Erica was the true definition of loyal. She was full of energy and life. She enjoyed spending time with friends and family she lived life to the fullest and made every day count. Erica was just 39 years young when her life ended. She was in the prime of her life and had yet to meet her fullest potential.  

About: Mission


To focus on the importance of responsible driving as well as education on vehicle safety to prevent loss of life. Our Strategies: To raise awareness of distracted driving by elevating driver and passenger knowledge to help prevent motor vehicle collisions. About us: We are a loving organization that cares about the safety and wellbeing of all motor vehicle operators. Educating and supporting early intervention to mold safer driving practices.

About: Mission


President | Founder

Stefanie Easley President/Founder. The foundation was founded in loving memory of my sister Erica who was tragically killed in an automobile collision caused by a distracted driver who had also been drinking. After learning the preventable cause of this crash and doing research, I became aware of the alarming number of wrecks that are caused by distracted driving. The loss of my only sister gave me a purpose to help others become more aware of the dangers of distracted driving. It was important to me to turn this tragic experience into something positive, which gives me the opportunity to help others not suffer the same preventable loss as myself and my family did.

About: Mission
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